Tuesday August 6, 2013

This morning I a few guys on a walk from our hotel to Maidon, and back to the hotel, before we were on our way to our last tech rehearsal of the tour! Here in Kyiv we performed in the Kyiv National Academic Theatre of Operette, another old ornate theatre. 

For our last performance, we went out with a bang. Of the three performances that I took part of, this was probably the second best, so it was nice way to finish the tour. Following the concert, we had a Zabava back at our hotel. 

Wednesday August 7, 2013

Wow! Today the choir was fortunate enough to sit in on Vir'yovka Choir's rehearsal. To say that this choir can sing would be a huge understatement. Whether or not you understand Ukrainian language, if you ever get the opportunity to see this group perform, DO IT! It was evident watching him, that their conductor, Anatoliy Avdiyevskiy is a master and perfectionist! This workshop was definitely one of my highlights of the trip!

In the afternoon, I walked from our hotel to Kreshchatyk, to pick up some souvenirs. I managed to find a new shirt and a belt that I plan to use as a camera strap!

Thursday August 8, 2013

Our last day in Kyiv (and Ukraine)! We went for a photo-shoot at Mamaj Sloboda (a Ukrainian Village museum). Despite the hot humid weather and having to wear our costumes, it was fun!

After this I went on the tour to Perchesk Lavra. I had been there back in 2010, but I recalled the view of the city that you can see from there, so decided to go back . 

For our last Zabava, we had a dinner on the beach overlooking the Dnipro. Quite the view, great weather, and I even ventured into the river for a swim! Not a bad way to end the my time in Ukraine!