Friday August 9, 2013

After missing my alarm, I managed to catch my early flight from Kyiv to Amsterdam. From the airport in Amsterdam, I made my way to a hotel in the city centre Chic & Basic.

Having made a list of cafes I wanted to check out, I made my first stop at Screaming Beans; excellent latte, and a great sandwhich! Not yet over caffeinated, the next stop was Caffe Il Momento.

Amsterdam is the first city in the world I have been to where anytime you are about to divert from your walking path, taking a look in every direction is recommended! If not, you run the risk of getting hit by bikes, electric cars, trams, or other pedestrians! Definitely a neat thing to experience! 

I made the mistake of spending too much time touring the Rembrant Museum, which contained prints of almost all of his work, but no originals. Although a talented painter, his pieces all start to look the same! 

I had dinner at an outdoor patio and then took a stroll through the Red Light District. I've never been surrounded by so many people in my life; young and old!

Saturday August 10, 2013

I started Saturday morning off right by heading down to Headfirst Coffee Roasters. For antique, interior design or Kinfolk magazine enthusiasts, this cafe is recommended for you!

After this it was off to tourist central, aka museum time! The first stop was the RijksmuseumApparently the museum had been closed for almost a decade and re-opened to the public early this year. Housing art relating to the history of Amsterdam, there were some pieces I liked, and others that I couldn't relate to.

Lunch was picked up from a nearby deli and eaten in the park outside all of the museums. Next stop Stedelijk Museum which has a focus more on modern art and design. As this is a style of art that really appeals to me, I was glad I made the choice to check it out! As an added bonus, there were fewer tourists here! 

Sunday August 11, 2013

While the paintings were definitely worthwhile seeing, I would only recommend going to the Van Gogh Museum if you can handle a ridiculous amount rude tourists. It was challenging and sometimes impossible to catch a glimpse of some the photos in peace with the continual sound of camera shutters going off in the background.  However, still a worthwhile stop!

In my last hour of touring around Amsterdam, I stopped in at Koko Coffee & Design for a latte and piece of pie. It's a quaint little shop that shares space with clothing designers. Another neat place to check out!  

What a great two week holiday! Until next time Europe!