Even if there aren't flowers, it is always a guarantee that spring will bring a plethora of touring bands. It's one of my favourite parts of this season, really. After a long, cold winter that kept many of us cooped up inside sipping hot tea and brandy (truthfully just avoiding shovelling snow yet again), we joyfully emerge from our lazy hibernation. Similarly, the bands were locked away in the studio, pouring their hearts and souls into new albums for their fans (eluding a winter tour across the harsh Canadian Prairie).

This past week Amigos featured two mid week shows which like usual drew great crowds. Wednesday had Regina's Rah Rah opening for Charlottetown, PEI's Two Hours Traffic. Rah Rah played the majority of songs of their recent album The Poet's Dead including the song "Prairie Girl" which had already been stuck in my head for several weeks leading up to their show.

Needless to say, after watching Southern Souls' video of Two Hours Traffic play to "Amour Than Amis" (off their new album Foolish Blood ) on repeat, I was ecstatic to see them live, as well as pick up some merch. You can find my photos from this show here.

Somehow, I managed to get through the next day and made it to Thursday's show featuring Toronto's Zeus and Grounders and Kelowna's Yukon Blonde It feels like both Yukon Blonde and Zeus have played here several times within the last year, so it was great to see Grounders on their first Canadian tour! Even with a sold out crowd, I managed to get some shots, which can be found here.

All in all, a great week, but I'm glad I was able to catch up on my sleep this weekend!