The Elwins and Born Ruffians at Amigos

Sunday night concerts at Amigos typically result in two things: countless cups of Monday morning coffee, and constantly reminding myself how great an idea going to the concert was. I was extra excited for this show after hearing Brendan Flaherty's interview of with Born Ruffians' Mitch Derosier. The Elwin's kicked off the night strong at about 10:40 (this was a guarantee that it would be a late night). One of my highlights of their set was a cover of Beyonce's 'Countdown' , with Born Ruffian's frontman Luke Lalonde joining in.

The energetic Born Ruffians played an awesome set with songs from all three records. I really enjoyed their last song of the night "I Need A Life" (from the Red, Yellow, Blue album) where they they held the audience captive while they brought the volume all the way down, and ramped it back up. A great way to end the night.

Check out my snaps of the evening here.