Kolomiya and Lviv

Tuesday July 30, 2013

Today we got up early so we could make the trip from Chernivtsi to Lviv in decent time. Distance wise, it's only about 250km, but with the condition of the roads, and travelling by bus, it takes much longer than that!

We arrived in Kolomiya early for lunch so we had time to explore before heading to the restaurant. Having been to the Pysanka Museum (it's about as exciting as it sounds) on my last trip, I declined to go back, and instead walk around the town square. We had lunch at a neat outdoor restaurant and then headed back on the bus to continue our journey to Lviv. 

On our way into Lviv, we drove down one of my favourite streets, and apartment building which was the inspiration for one of my prints, Knyaza Romana Vulitsya (Prince Roman Streeet).

As we pulled up to Hotel Lviv, I was astonished and excited to see, Uncle Ivan, Yuri and Maria! They had been waiting out front for a few hours I think! I rushed up to my room and went out for pizza, beer and two carafes of vodka with them. It was so great to see them again!

Tomorrow morning, I am heading to their house and then to tech rehearsal, before our performance in the evening! This trip continues to get better!