Friday August 2, 2013

Prior to our departure from Lviv to Cherkasy, Roman stopped by the hotel to see me briefly. We had a short, but good visit and then we were off! Lviv to Cherkasy was very long drive! Fortunately the road from Lviv to Kyiv is still in decent shape following improvements prior to the 2012 Euro Cup. 

Despite the good roads and smooth sailing, we didn't arrive at the Fusion Club for dinner until about 10pm. After a long day on the bus, I'm heading straight to bed!

Saturday August 3, 2013

This morning we watched the Cherkasy Choir perform. Unlike the Holoc Choir, they didn't teach us any new songs, but had us perform two songs for them. All in all, a fun morning!

After our workshop, we stopped briefly at the Kobzar Museum (Taras Shevchenko) and then off to tech rehearsal. Unlike the other theatres so far, Cherkasy's was the a newer theatre. They also had the largest banner for our group to date! Pretty neat!

Tonight we had our best Zabava yet, featuring a local band and several good toasts late into the night!