25 Awesome Things of 2015

The last few years on New Year's Day I've written down ten things that I've done/accomplished in the past year, and ten things I'd like to get done in the next year. 

On a larger scale, my friend Cory has been counting down the 50 things that he's loved about the year. This has prompted me to increase my look back on the year from ten to twenty-five awesome things that I did, saw heard, experienced etc. throughout the year. 

In addition to the "event", I'll also share my favourite photos from each event. 

Here it goes! 

25. Going to two Winnipeg Jets games: One with my brother and one with my best buddy, Bryan. They won both games!

Photos, here.  

24. Outdoor winter lake adventures:  Wakaw to James' cabin in February and Echo Bay to my families cabin with Mom and Dad in March. 

Great to get out of the city, cross country ski, snowshoe and keep warm by the fire!

Photos, here.  

23.  Ritornello Chamber Music Festival: Snapping pictures/hearing some amazing musicians.

If you've never been, and even if you don't think you like chamber music, check it out next year and have your mind blown!

Photos, here.  

22. Snapping pictures at Ominocity's #omfest4!

Specifically seeing Volcanoless In Canada reunite!

Photos, here.  

21. Exploring Reykjavik, Iceland for 24 hours with my Mama!

If you're travelling over to Europe, it's definitely a great country to plan a layover!

20. Meeting the cutest niece a person could ask for!

19. The 50th Anniversary of Canada's National Ukrainian Festival: Performing with Lastiwka and PFE in front of ~9,000, spending time with my Godmother and watching some awesome bands!

18. Jamming, playing shows, recording, planning, drinking, creating and hanging with the Silent Sea! Lucky to have these cats in my life. Love you guys!

17.  Recording an EP with Randy (and Sient Sea!): Randy is a genius producer and has become a great friend!

16. Riding 85km in support of MS! Rode along side a group that's been like older cousins to me over the years. It was great to ride alongside an awesome crew!

15. MoSo Fest 2015! Great line-up, fun collab with Ominicity!

14. Sask Jazz Fest! In addition to having a blast volunteering at club jazz, I had the fortune of catching some great acts! It's one of my favourite moments each summer!

13. Working with an awesome group of people that work hard, and are great friends outside of work too!

12. A solo road trip that took me through Eau Claire, Wisconsin and Fargo, North Dakota. Neat places if you ever get the chance!

11. Eaux Claires Festival. The people I met, and some amazing performances by Bon Iver, Colin Stetson, Sufjan Stevons, and The National. Such a good time!

10. Finishing my Certificate in Art and Design through the University of Saskatchewan. Had a lot of great instruction and met a lot of awesome, inspiring individuals throughout the past few years. 

9. Seeing my mom reconnect with her cousins in Ukraine. All kinds of emotion. 

8. Visiting with my cousins in Ukraine

7. Family visits in Winnipeg

6. From a green carpeted floor, to a pit, my family had a lot of bonding time tearing down our cabin this fall. Can't wait to see what takes place next!

5. Meeting new family members/reuniting with other's in Ukraine. It's crazy how welcoming everyone is. I can't wait until the next trip!

4. In the same month watching my brother play music across the pond in Brighton and then come back home to get his Chem. Eng. degree!

3. The time I submitted an article and a painting to Silence Zine and it got published!

2. Exploring the UK with my Mama! Art galleries, pubs, beaches, festivals and plays! A great time!

1. Travelling to Ukraine with my Mama! I'm so glad that I was able to convice her to come and hope that we can go back again!