The Dip

Throughout my studies at university, I was recommended several books to read by professors, mentors and non-university friends. How anyone, can find time to read any of these "must reads" amongst the swarm of textbook readings, classes, assignments and a social life I have no idea.  

I promised myself that after I finished school, I would make a conscious effort to increase the number of books that I read in my spare time..... I'm finally getting to it!

Inspired by a friend, The Dip was a quick read, and perfect for how I am feeling right now. It discusses when, and when not to quit something. Human nature is to quit as soon as we fall into "the dip zone", however to become successful at something, this is the time where we need to lean full force into the challenge.

My take-away points and quotes from this book are:

  • "If it is worth doing, there's probably a dip"
  • "The dip is where success happens". Power through it, and stick with it.
  • In the dip, you should identify opportunities to improve yourself.
  • "The lie of diversification" Don't spread yourself too thin! **I do this, and need to change!**
  • "Quitting when you hit the dip is a bad idea".
  • if it's a priority, put in 110% effort. 
  • "If you can't make it through the Dip, don't start".
  • Don't be average, be exceptional (focus on a few things, not everything Mike!)
  • The effort and aggressive action you put in, can make the dip better.
  • Amplify the long term benefits of not quitting. Some pain is worth it. 
  • BUT! If no passion, or resources, then quit.
  • If you've hit a plateau and are no longer challenged, then quit.

Definitely a recommended read!